"q" On Fuel Pressure Gauge And Headers.

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Junior Member
where would i get the correct reading of my fuel presseure gauge?
is it off the fuel filter or the fuel rail?
ive got it on my fuel filter but i read in a artical the correct readings are from the fuel rail.

and a Q about headers.
i did a search and found nothing.
what type of header (4.2.1 or 4.1) would be fun for a NA b20?

thx. much appreciated. :rolleyes:


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i have heard a lot of people talk about the JDM type r header, and how they think it is one of the better headers for the price, and it is a a 4-1 header. So i would say go with 4-1...


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n/a engine your probably going to be going for high RPMS, so a 4-1 header would do you best. As for your fuel pressure gauge, it should most definitely be at the fuel rail. And the pressure depends on your fuel pump and a bunch of other shit. I forget what it should be stock.