Question About Bigger Wheels

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i was reading somewhere that bigger wheels make the transmission have to work harder to turn them i was just wondering if i got a set of Volk TE37 15x6.5 weighing like 9 Lbs less then my stock 14s if that would still hurt the transmission to be using those tires?


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no those are perfect wheels to get. forged and lightweigh and only 15"

in theory a larger diameter wheel even if it is lighter has a larger moment of inertia, but thats the price you have to pay to look sweet so i say get emmmmm


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the larger wheel having a larger moment of inertia doesnt really apply in a case where you are only going up 1 inch and dropping about 50% of the weight
if the weights were closer then it would be more applicable


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there perfect man....just don't get like 65 or 70 series tires on there....makes your car looks funny...but with them wheels....i think your good with it...


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i'll share my experiences since i've had 13 inch vx wheels, 14inch hx wheels, 15 inch volks, 15 inch 96 GSR wheels and 13 inch steelies on my car in the past 4 months.

for acceleration, 13inch vx wheels were the best, hands down. they weighed 9lbs, like the volks and had yokohama avs intermediate tires in 185-60-13's. now keep in mind, this setup is smaller than your typical rolling diameter. the 14 inch hx wheels had 195-60-14 inch falken azeni's, which are great for the street but are very heavy. the 15 inch 96 GSR wheels were awful, and although my car handled better was miserable to drive around town as they must have weighed 18lbs a piece, plus tires...i'd say at least 35lbs.

the volks are second best, for acceleration wise and although they weigh the same as the vx wheels, the falken azeni's are much heavier and make for a larger and heavier tire/wheel package.

while i wouldn't trade for anything else besides vx wheels at this point, i coulnd't be happier with the volk ce28n's that are on my car, despite the 3 or so tenths of a second i'm probably losing in the 1/4 mile.