Question About Multi-port Fi!

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I own an 89' Civic DX with the D15B2 in it. I am getting this guy to show and convert my car to multi-port fuel injection this weekend. He lacks the CRX Si distributor. Everything else he has. I was wondering I just got fro my brother a D15B7 ECU will it work with the Si intake intake-manifold and wiring harness? And what all is he gonna do to my car this weekend to make this happen?
The B7 distro won't work. The Si distro has a cylinder position or crank angle (I don't remember which) sensor built in, while the DX distros don't use one. But basically he is going to put an MPFI ECU, IM, fuel rail, injectors, and distro (I hope) into your car, and rewire it to make it work.