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What is the engine code for the only car Honda made that came turbocharged straight from the factory? (the car was not offered in the US)


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I only read half the article, but where does it say the Honda City is turbocharged?

that's not the answer I was looking for though. Keep guessing.


Acyra Legend V6 and Honda City R are the only 2 cars Honda made with turbos.

**on a side note, there is a Transformers character named "Skids" that was a Honda City**


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hmm in the article I read the Honda City is the right car, but the engine code is D15B2:

"Even with all of this fabulous technology, Honda doesn’t manufacture any turbocharged motors for US consumption. (There is a turbocharged version of the D15B2 engine in the Honda City in Japan.)"


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well i could have guessed that damn car, i want one that is why