Question on B-series head/trans swap

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I've been searching for something, but I can't seen to find it.
I'm going to be dropping a B16A into an EG hatchback. It's going to be a weekend car for me, so I'll want it to be pretty quick.

I was wondering if swapping the head for a B16B be better? What else would I need to change if this is a better idea? (cams, pistons, rods, ect..?) My goal HP range is going to be 230 to 250, if this is possible for the whole motor when I'm done. It will be an NA motor also.

Also, I was wondering if I could swap the original trans for a CTR transmission. I would be changing out the 5th gear to an Integra LS 5th gear for better gas mileage on the freeway.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! :D
I will be updating when I have more info to post!


Man you will need alot to be pushing those numbers out of a B16. Not saying it can't be done. I would just say you need a better platform for those numbers on a N/A motor.