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i just got my jdm b16a2 motor installed, but i didn't come with the throtle cable bracket. the one off the d16z6 won't fit on there. will a del sol bracket fit on there? do i have to also use the del sol(could i use a ls cable or a 99-00 si cable?) throtle cable or can i still use the stock ex one? also i have another problem. the check engine light doesn't come on even though the o2 sensor isn't screwed in the bung. what can cause this to happen. could the o2 sensor be broken? other than that the car runs perfectly and pulls really hard, no weird noises and no grinds unlike the d16 i had in there with a tranny that had bad sychros. also do you really have to hook up the purge solenoid? i heard that its only for emissions. btw the car is a 1994 civic ex.



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get a throttle cable off an integra
thats what i did in my del sol
should cost you no more than $20 at a junkyard

as for the O2 sensor.... was the engine warmed up fully?? if not then the ECU wasnt even looking for the O2 sensor yet


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i was driving around with the car for a while without the o2 sensor screwed in and still no light. the o2 sensor is just sitting in the engine bay. i'm going to hook it up today and see what happens.