Questions For Swap In 00 Ek Civic hatchback

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Finally, the time has come to swap my 00 hatchback the single jingle finally gave out after about 40k miles of nonstop abuse.

So for the time being I have gotten a 01 Integra motor and trans for $300 locally, long story short end goal is going to be building the car for boost and boosting it down the road, so that motor has been sent out to the local machine shop to get all the work done and a forged bottom end. The timeline for the build is based on the time to get parts + about a month or so assuming their availability isn't crazy.

So what I'm wanting to do is get the blown motor pulled, and get everything swapped in and dialed so that I can just drop the motor and get the built one thrown in. So what I am wondering is am I better off waiting till I can find another obd2b motor, or just using an b18b1 motor?

Also have a few more questions for it on parts that I need:
-Integra Axels & Half Shaft (I Have)
-Integra Shift Linkage (I Have)
-Full Exhaust (I Have)
-Intake Manifold & Throttle Body (I Have)
-b18 Trans (I Have)
-Rear Tranny Mount (I Have)
-Si Driver Side Mount (I Have)
-Passenger Side Mount (I Have)
-Engine harness ?? Not sure what to use
-Ecu ?? Not sure what to use step down to OBD1?
-Anything else I would need for it to all go together?? Keep in mind I live in California and they're cracking down on Tuned ECU and I'm wanting to get the car BARD so it's legal for Cali

Please leave below anything that I should need that I could be missing I feel I have done a fair amount of research on the swap just want to get everything now and be ready to swap it in