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sry to sound like an idiot but where do the rear lower and upper and front lower strut bars go? on a civic cx hatch body........o and are1998 civic cx hatchbacks the only honda car that has a throttlebody that points up instead of horrizontal?? do 94+ integras hove horrizontal or virtical facing throttlebodies??
this isn't swap related either. going to misc tech.

strut tower bars- ummm bolt at the top of the strut
I don't think I've heard of front lower, then again maybe I've never paid attention to them, but front upper strut bar is the ones you see that's almost on top of the engine, connecting on top of the 2 wheel wells in the engine bay. The front rear connects right behind your back seat, and the rear lower connects to the 2 rear control arms I believe ( I'm sure I'm wrong, don't know much bout susp, just know where things bolt on).