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Hey everyone, Im new to the site. I have a couple questions about swaps..

1) I have a jdm b16a in a 93 civic coupe, what rad hoses do i use to replace the stock jdm ones, as mine are cut. I hear gsr ones will work, but are quite a bit to big for the rad, possibly del sol work?

2) what replacement parts do i use in my rear jdm sir disc swap? 92-95 stock civic parts? integra parts? thanks
i just got done with the same exact swap in the same year. mine is an EX.
what is your?
i had to end up going to the dearship. dont go to advance auto part,or autozone because the will not have the right hoses. no mater what. i promise.
go to the closest honda dealership and order some rad hoses from a 93-97 del sol vtec. very important that you say that exact car. i had to be delsol vtec.
and about the hoses to radiator, you will have to use a hose clamp and tighten it down. it will work.

rear brake. ( which i also got) you will need the brake lines from a 92-95 civic ex or si with abs. your drum brake lines wont work.
and they say to also replace the proportioning valve to a 40/40, and also the master cylinder. i think 15/16. yours should be a 7/8. you will find it writen on the pass side of the master. but you might be able to get away with just useing your stock stuff
good luck man. i am greatly enjoying mine.
Thanks for the info, when i mean replacement parts for the brakes, i mean for the pads, rotors, calipers etc. do i use them from a 92-95 civic with discs? or do i get 94+ gsr pads rotors etc, just wondering about size difference and which one will work without having to replace the caliper bracket. Thanks for reply :)
i would say, use the civic pads. sence that is what it came off.
but i would suggest taking off the pads and taking them in with you.
i had ahell of a time trying to get new pads.
The simplest way to do a rear disc conversion is to get everything related to it off a 3rd gen teggy. the trailing arm, upper and lower control arm, spindle, caliper, rotor, and pads. you can also use the e-brake and hydraulic brake lines from that integra. I am planning this myself, and that's what I have found in my research anyways.
I already have the jdm sir rear discs, trailing arm, hoses, cables, etc, just wanna replace the pads and rotors with some green and brembo or something.
yeah i have 93 si rear breaks in my crx. disc all around is so great! the pads on the back are small and i had to take mine with me they totally gave me the wrong stuff the first three times....