Questioons..for h22a into 91 accord

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wuddup..jus found out bout this site..and its suuuch a the like 3-40 min ive been searching the site aone at work..its answered a couple questions...the only big dilemma is whether i should do this myself...ima big diy'er but this is my daily driver and i dont wanna mess it the summer so i can deal with down time and u guys reccommend doing it yourself..going into the project a wikling to do it just s long as no bog fabrications are swapping the h22 into my auto cb7..keeping it auto...those who did it themseleves..pleas type experiences...what happened..what went wrong..and if theres a link to a diy for this project please direct me to it..thanks
It's not hard. The whole swap is bolt up. Modifications include lengthening the fuel hose, changing the power steering hose, and doing some wiring.

It's really not that bad, and you could easily be driving your swapped car in two days if you are competent.