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I am wanting to swamp my stock 1997 ex engine with another because of high milage. I want to have one that has more power! I was thinking on getting a b16a, like the si's have, but i dont know how much that would cost. Would anyone please tell me how much this would cost me, or should I just get a godd $500 rebuild kit! Please post you thoughts!
Check out Hmotors online for all you swap pricing. They have pretty decent prices on all their swap packages. If you wanna stay sohc thats your choice but switching to dohc will give you alot more potential power wise.
If you want more power you are not going to find in a rebuild kit. A b16 is a nice upgrade, here is a cost break down for ya.

B16A 92-95 (SiR-II) Complete Change Over $2250 + shipping
I would also recommend the +300 for LSD in your transmission

Hasport Mount Kit for B-series Setup $400

OEM water pump, timing belt, spark plugs, spark plugs wires, dizzy cap+rotor around 200 - 300