quick rotor size


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92-95 civic dx = ex front? or is it 94+ integra= ex? or are they the same and is just depends on caliper size? i know the rear is all the same. im buyin my rotors today so i dont wana get the wrong ones. thanks for the help


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let me refrase my ? will 94+ integra rotors fit my stock front civic dx set up with rear brake conversion?


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No. 94+ Integra rotors are 10.3 inches. DX rotors are 9.5 inches. The EX can have either the 9.5 or the 10.3 up front- depending on if the car had ABS or not.


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To put the integra rotors on your car, you need the integra caliper, integra spindle, integra pads, and integra caliper bracket. (and advised you get integra brake lines, as the civics are just shy of being to short. There is too much tention on the line when you put the line bracket on)