Random ebay of the day

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damnit i just bought one of those last week for almost $4000.00 more :(

son of a bitch :angry:
haven't we had enough amputee porn this week?
You have a prosthesis Nick? I didn't know you were an amputee.
i'm not an amputee, it makes the ad sound better. ^_^

i'm selling it for my grandmothers husband. he wanted like $4,000 for it. anything above that is golden.
haha, this thing cost insurance about $40,000. i think they are going to make sure it's the right part before handing it over.
Shit, about $40k? I never would have guessed those things cost that much. Although after reading the ad it sounds quite high-tech.
it was designed by MIT. it's a thinking leg. it picks up on your movements and walking habits.
Yea, I read about it in your ad. What it can do is impressive. I'm not surprised it cost $40k. It'd be interesting to know just how many man hours went into designing it.
I think some guy started the idea for a school project then got funding for it. it's a pretty cool item. my grandmothers husband doesn't deserve it. he's an old ass wannabe cowboy. never had a real job or contributed to society. he's so whiny that the best thing on earth for him isn't good enough. he would rather have a peg leg. literally.
"Run away with a bargain", should be the title

Also the disclaimer should have this line
"Don't come crawling back when it breaks"
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