Rattle can Painted the car.

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I don't think this looks good. but it definatly looks better than it did. plus my driver side winder has since been fixed so i can roll it up and down now.

Before the paint.

After the paint



I have much fiberglassing to do on this thing before it gets a real paint job.


kinda looks the same...

is that primer black? or just flat black?

i would have fixed at least some of the trouble areas, like that rear drivers quarter..


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To point it out to those who can't really see a difference.
You will notice that the first picture only has on side of the car painted with black enamel paint where as the rest of the car is primer grey that does not reflect anything (With the exception of radar and laser). In the following 2 pictures the rest of the car joins that first side in all it partial reflect glory. If you still can not see the difference, draw a line with a pencil and then with a black pen and compare!

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just go out, and wet sand it a bit, and then it will be ready for some real paint...

if you can get the paint, and once I have a paint booth set up in the garage, your welcome to come up to CT and spray it.

It would be really cool if I had some one chip in for the booth's supplies, like PVC piping, plastic, shower curtain rings...etc...

The faster I get the booth set up, the sooner my fleet will look good, and then others can come up and spray their car for stupid cheap....as in like a case of beer or a dinner....

But I only have an old spray gun...but I need a HVLP gun to do the work with...and I'm sure Chris could loan us his... ;)

It looks good, BTW...

I''m getting tired of people slamming other peoples hard work with tasteless jokes... :angry:

Granted..its a spray can...but I've made many things look good with just spray paint...but it doesn't last.


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i dont have an HVLP gun :p i was using a buddies. id be in for actually spraying cars.

i just got shit on when i painted trav's car, since i did most of the work. hes not really helping me out with my car either. hes just going to be jealous when mine looks better.


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Where do the sidewinders pop out? :p j/p looks good. I'd hit it.


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I might actually have some old sprayers laying around. But I don't think they are gravity feed. I dunno, they are out in the garage somewhere.


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Check for compatability before spraying real paint over the rattle can stuff. Rattle can shit picks up and wrinkles like you wouldn't believe, even in the Polyurethane primer stage, when using non laquer based paints.


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It will be a few weeks before it gets real paint. it needs body work. i am tempt to just pay for someone to fix the body and paint it... depends on the price though.


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Originally posted by Airjockie@Jul 5 2005, 05:59 PM
if you can get the paint, and once I have a paint booth set up in the garage, your welcome to come up to CT and spray it.
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I'm very interested in how you're setting up a paint booth...