Rear Disc Swap on a 94 Civic LX

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New Member
So I'm almost finished with a rear disc brake conversion on my 94 Civic LX. Since I know just enough about auto mechanics to be dangerous, I didn't notice the brackets attached to the trailing arm were missing when I bought the set up. When I bought new ebrake cables, they came with the brackets but they're useless until I can attach them to the trailing arm. I tried my local Honda Dealership with no luck. Can anyone help me find those brackets? Thanks in advance.
Can’t take the arms to a shop and have them welded on?

On my mitsu, when I did rear disc we used a conduit clamp to hold them to the lca.
I realize I didn't word that question too well. The trailing arms are missing the brackets and I want to order a set if possible. The park brake cables have their own set of brackets that are designed to be attached to the brackets that are supposed to be on the trailing arms.