Rear disk conversion on my Del Sol???


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What do I need to do a Rear disk conversion on my del sol. Yall know like take of the drum and replace it with a disk brake. I searched already but didn't find nothing. I came up to the conclusion of going to a honda Junkyard and find a Del sol vtec and strip out the rear brakes and then put it on my del sol. And if I do this how hard is it to do it?? And do I have to run additional brake lines?? :worthy:

the del sol si also has rear discs, but they are differen't size than the vtec model. so which ever you go with, just be aware of that.

also, and 92-95 civic si hatch back, or jdm model EG will work as will 94-01 integra rear discs.

whatever setup you go with, get the whole trailing arm, disk, caliper, lines, master cyl, booster, and you will need e-brake cables from the del sol si or vtec model.