rear springs?

90 accord

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[backround story] i'm into drag. [/done backround story]

this in mind, i was thinking that if i put some stiff springs on the rear, when i launch, the back end won't sag as much and i will get more traction. thinki it's worth it at all?

how about putting on some adjustable shocks? will this give me the same effect, with the ability to soften them for normal driving?

please dont flame, or say "thats ghey" or whatever, just answer my question.


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I don't speak from personal experience, but that is a very popular thing for front drive drag machines. In fact, some front-drive racers will temporarily replace the rear springs/struts with solid links, giving the stiffest possible steup in the rear. While the rear suspension should be as stiff as possible, the front should be very soft to make sure the tires are in contact with the road the whole time.


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Skunk2 makes some 900lb rear drag springs, but i have heard they are almost totally un streetable, since they dont compress at all.


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Yeah, skunk's drag kit is fookin awesome for drag, but you'd do well to switch them out after the event because they are unbearable on the street.