rebuild or replace b18b1 with jdm b20b ?????

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Alright I've got a 94 civic dx with a 93 ls motor and tranny in it now. The problem is one of the cylinders are dead, and i got a feeling the motor is gonna die real soon. I was looking into buying a 96-2000 jdm b20b (obd2). but wasn't sure wat parts i would have to switch or keep. I do have an obd1 p75 non vtec ecu also. Though I am on a budget and have 1200 to spend, I dont know if i should get my engine rebuilt or buy a jdm b18b, or jdm b20b. WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOOO?????!!!!!!


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i wouldn't spend all that money on a new engine thats for sure. replace rings and bearings in the engine you have now. if you can rebuild it yourself then definitely go that route. if you have to pay someone to do it then it would most likely be cheaper just to pick up another ls or b20b. if you do go with a b20b the p75 ecu will work fine.


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Definitely don't kno how to rebuild myself but I did call a local shop and asked about an engine rebuild, I told the mechanic that I got 1000 to spend, but I actually have 1200 to spend. I just don't kno if there's a different in parts needed or procedure in placing the jdm version of the b20b in my car. And I also see a lot of eg's wit the stock jdm b20bs racing on youtube revving to about 7500 or better. Yes I would like to have fun wit my car, with that being said which motor will b the smarter choice


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The B20b bottom end would swap directly in place of your current B18a, assuming you keep your current head/intake manifold/distributor/ecu, etc. You may want to get a chipped ecu for the B20 as they say the B18 maps run lean on the bigger engine. Otherwise it's just a bigger bore version of the engine you already have. If you change the head etc as well, then you have alot more that needs to be considered due to the sensors and electronics.

If you are paying labor to rebuild, it will cost a lot more to do properly than swapping the block would.