Rebuilt one of them there Ferrari 355 fancy-cars

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Buck Futter
Customer bought this at auction, long story short it was a colossal bucket of shit. The car had been wrecked and totaled twice previously, and the right side of the car is from a Spyder. That particular work was done in 1999 (the car is a '97), so my guess is there wasn't a heck of a lot available at the time. It wasn't COMPLETELY butchered, and I was able to get everything back to tip-top condition over 6-7 months or so. A good bit of time was spent waiting on parts, as well as "Shit, they fucked THIS up TOO?!" and having to re-do things a few times just to make absolutely sure everything was as perfect as it could possibly be. Despite the hiccups, it's as good as it'll ever be, and drives better than new. Once I was finished with all the work on the car, my pal Nick Chapman of Nick's Custom Detailing came down and spent a few days getting the paint on the car back to looking like new - it's AMAZING what simply cleaning and polishing a car up properly can do for the cosmetic appearance! Woot!

thanks for the work photos. its amazing how grimy they get inside the bay despite the perfection outside.
I see stuff like this every day at work it's great, and thats the 30k mile service right there lol
Wow. Awesome rebuild! At the shop we sometimes get cars that people have either restored themselves or paid someone else and they did a bad job and those are the worst. Mostly older cars. Yours looks awesome though.
Looks freaking awesome. Loved the F355 Berlinetta. Recently read the jalopnik article on it.

Do you know what products Nick used for the resto on the paint? I'm looking at making some small purchases from Griots garage and know a few detailers that love that stuff.
What kind of oil did they use for the change?

Is it one of your shops in the same way that you built that corolla or whatever it was?
"one of his shops" in the way that he delivers tools to them and takes pics to whore around on the internet shitting up legitimate threads by people who run real shops that do actual work