Recommendations for a Motorcycle Helmet

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Just like the title says I need a really good motorcycle helmet. I just got my very first bike, and I am going to start learning to ride this weekend. I will post pictures later tonight :) Its a 1989 Kawasaki Ninja 750 modded so it hangs with 1000cc bikes. Not the best choice for a starter bike, but the price was too good to say no to.
fuck the helmet, put a downpayment on a coffin...

please be very very very safe, and drive carefully...
speeding = death... and watch for dumb fuckers that will pull out in front of you...
you should also look into a jacket with armor, boots, definately gloves, learn to tuck and roll... and pants with armor would also be a good investment...

and whatever you do, don't try to show off, being on a bike is show enough, no need to drive fast or do wheelies or any of that stupid shit...

just cruise nice and easy...
Agreed I am not going to show off. It seems like just the word motorcycle is effort to generate a response :) Especially with the laides.

I will definitely look into getting gear when start driving on the street. Back to the orginal question what about a helmet? Brands? Things I should look for?


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Shoei or Arai are the only two brands that would go on my dome. look into a ballastic jacket as well.

if you spend less than 800 bucks on the helmet and jacket, you might as well not get one at all.
my opinion, of course.
i agree with B, those are two good brands...
if you want more info look into consumer reports, most libraries have them for you to look at for free
or pay online...

and you DEFINTAELY get what you pay for...

and yea, chicks LOVE bikes...
but riding with bitches is a pain in the ass...


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arai or shoei. I have had my arai for 5 years and still fits like it did when I bought it.
go to a shop and try different one's on and see which one will fit you the best.
also if your looking at jackets I have a leather jacket for sale that matches kawasaki ninja colors.
also recommend looking at gloves.
Thanks for the brand recommendations

pissedoffsol- Why should I spend soo much on a helmet. I've seen them for 150 - 300. What is the difference as you pay more.

ripperbone- Do you have pics of the Jacket and what size is it?


I've got a ARAI Quantum Helmet and I love it. Wouldn't own any other brand.

Yellow, to match my duck. :)
There was a test done in Motorcyclist Magazine June 2005 issue, it was extremely in depth and totally worth the read pick it up, keep the shiny side up.


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Originally posted by projectxspeed@Jun 2 2005, 11:49 AM
pissedoffsol- Why should I spend soo much on a helmet.  I've seen them for 150 - 300.  What is the difference as you pay more.

ripperbone- Do you have pics of the Jacket and what size is it?
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the reason why you would buy a more expensive helmet is as follows
1. the more expensive helmets dont wear out as fast as the cheaper helmets.
2. cheaper helmets are made with cheaper materials
3. the more expensive helments are lighter.
4. some of the cheaper helmets are not even dot approved or snell approved.
5. crash tests that have been done to every helmet

I dont have pictures of it, but I will get some tonight, I dont remember the size, I will let you know tomorrow.
I have two leather jackets that I am selling, so I will take pictures of both and give you both sizes.
just so you know light weight helmets aren;t just for a comfort factor...

the heavier your head/helmet are the less force thats needed to snap your neck...
The cheap HJC helmets should project you as well as a higher dollar Shoe-i/Arai IF it fits right.

However the down sides.

cheaper VS higher doller.

the #1 thing is weight. My Shoe-I feels 10X better then my old HJC plus the wind noise is MUCH better.

As far as a 89 Ninja 750 hanging with the 1000cc bikes..... Maybe back in 89 lol 89 Ninja 750 couldnt even touch a 2000+ Ninja 636 or 600RR