Recording off the TV, onto the PC

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does anyone know how I could get my pc to record stuff off of my tv?

ive got a s-vid port on my laptop and was wondering what hardware/software i would need.

The s-video on the laptop is probably an s-video out not an s-video in. You need a video card to convert the analog signal to a digital signal or a firewire port on your tv. There are several different cards that will do this. Miro and dazzle are two (dazzle is not good). The miro is big bucks if you get the right one . You may need a vcr in between the tv and the pc. You also need a fast PC with lots of hard drive space. Sometimes this can be a real bear! you will probably have to remove your sound card otherwise the sound and the video will not be in sync -like a bad japanese movie....... ETC......... Long winded subject - try miro see what you think. I use a miro card it was about $1,000 for the model I got. If you have other questions be glad to help if I can.
i have a 'DC10 Studio' video software/card package which you can use to record off tv, play mpegs on your tv, edit and add special effects to vhs tapes, etc.. it is by Pinnacle Studio...BUT the new version is not called DC10. i forget the new name. Look for the Pinnacle Studio brand. its got a picture of a blonde chick with her hands framing her face on the box. its not an expensive package and it has won awards over the years.
if you just want to do simple stuff the Dazle is not that bad. It is some what reasonaly priced, but it is by no means top of the line.
all it needs to do is be able to record some shit from gran turismo 3 on to my laptop.

as far as hard drive goes:

its a 1.6 p4 w/256mb ram and about 25GB free... so i got that part coverd.

why cant this be easy lol



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IEEE 1394 brotha

aka Firewire.... its the only thing fast enough to stream real time audio/video..

but 256 ram might be lacking...


USB 2.0 is actually faster than Firewire, and there are quite a few USB2 video capture solutions on the market right now. I have a Dazzle DVC USB (good for quick capture) that hooks up really easy, and converts to MPEG-1 realtime, as well as a Pinnacle Systems Studio DC10 that sits in a PCI slot. Since you're running a laptop, you'll need an external video capture solution. For something simple, you might want to look into the Pinnacle Systems' PCTV USB (can get them for well under $100), or one of the Dazzle USB systems. Dazzle's stuff is relatively low-end in comparison to what else is on the market, but it's easy to use, turns out relatively good results, and is extremely solid. I love mine- it's not too configurable, but it works well. I doubt that you have USB2 on your laptop, so stick to something that converts the video to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 before it streams into your computer.
well if 256MB isnt enough i could drag down my desktop (only a 900mhz but its got 512MB ram). only thing with that is i dont have any video port shit on it so i would prolly end up spending more fucking $$ that i dont have :(
Originally posted by Prowler@Oct 16 2002, 08:01 PM
Dazzle sucks. The one I bought didn't even have sound working, only the video did. I took the junk back.

Same thing here - but if all you want is a short clip from GT3 it might do. Miro and Pinnacle are the same company. rixXxceboy probably has the best solution. You don't need high end anything.