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Senior Member
ok i have a 90 crx hf which has a 5200 redline, but i recently installed a python injections ecu, which has a 7000 redline. The rest of my engine is stock, can a stock hf handle that kind of rpms. Oh yeah i dont want anything to be harmed. Tell me where i should shift for max performance, but still safe for the engine.


Super Moderator
I would not go too far into the redline when your car is basicly stock. The head is not built for those kind of revs.

Power in a HF? :lol: those things were basicly designed to get 50 mpg. That is the reason why everyone throws b16s into them


Senior Member
once you build up your engine a little bit, then you can think of revving up your car. but again, it's an ef, i would'nt want to rev or fix that engine up in the first place. IMO :D