Relay for Life 2005

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So, this year, with my company, i've decided to walk (and run) my hour around the track to help raise money for the American Cancer Society.

My grandma had cancer, and died before I ever got a chance to meet her. My mom's best friend also got breast cancer, but she's still alive today, in remission indefinitely.

I still can't believe I'm going to be up at 6am to walk around this track... but it's for a damn good cause. If any of you are interested in donating, you can visit my team page and click on my name (Mistique Aguillon) to make a donation.. which would be hugely appreciated :D

Anyway, here's where I was just curious... how many of you guys have a story about a loved one, or someone you know that has, had, or died of cancer? I'm thinking it's more than we realize... and in the spirit of this weekend... let's hear em. :)

'there is no finish line till we find a cure'


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yea... i'm curious how many different cities are having the camps and stuff. We only got the info on Campbell, the city where I work, and I haven't seen any info on San Jose at all. *shrug*


RETIRED just made a donation. you're only $30 away from your goal. good luck on the walk.

i personally don't have any stories...


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My father had cancer in his right kidney about 3-4 years ago, before I joined the Army. He had it removed, and the cancer didnt spread anywhere. He's still alive, and kickin. I'm gonna talk with and make a donation tonight


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A very good old friend here in town has cancer. He's in his late 60's. I've never had any family with cancer, so this is my first close person to suffer from it. He just had his leg amputated, but there is sitll more cancer in that leg, so he'll lose all of it soon. Plus both of his arms have cancer and he can barely both his fingers now. Yet I see him every time at church. It's so encouraging. When I think life sucks, he makes it easy to put it all into perspective.


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I don't have any stories, but my GF and I did the walk about three weeks ago as part of her Company's team. It was kinda fun, with vendors all around the track.....


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yea... this year we're giving out free smoothies and fresh fruit and water to the participants and the audience... it should be nice, since this is the first time i'll ever be doing something like this. i'm actually about to go head out and watch some of my team mates... i'll take pictures or something... they're all supposed to be in 'hawaiian' type outfits. lol

thank you,, and to all of you who donated to the ACS. :), is it just me, or is it sort of ironic that a smoker is doing this 'fight for cancer' deal...? :p i just thought of that.



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ironic??? perhaps .... but you could just look at it as looking out for your own best intrest in the future.... ie: you smoke, you are at higher risk for cancer, so you support a group that is seaking a cure / better treatments for cancer



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my mom is the director down here for the american cancer society and does all the recruiting for the groups and stuff for the event. i end up spending a few dollars at the event just cuz the food there that people cook is awesome.

my grandpa died of lung cancer when i was like 3 and my grandma died of breast cancer when i was 10...