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are hmotorsonline a reliable source for good motors? i'm tryin to get a b16a sirI for the rex.... are their engines in good condition as is, will i need to worry about some shit goin wrong a month after i bought it? any help will ummm... help. thanx
my buddies and I have all gotten our motors from hmotorsonline, and the motors have a start up garuntee, they worked well, and I have had no complaints with them.
worked well? dood, money dont come easy, and i know ya know what i mean, i dont wanna just throw my money away? thats the cheapest i found with all those necessary parts, wire loom, ecu axles, tranny, all sensors... and thats for 1150? that kinda sounds to good to be true compared to the other sites in the REFERENCE where to buy section? i'm kinda skeptical... <_<