Remote Control Civic

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Radio Shack has these new remote controll cars, Zip Zaps, they are the size of a matchbox car but, fully remote, NO connected wires, you can get upgraded tires, wheels, stronger motors, different bodys. they are kinda tight.
I just ordered a Electron Blue Civic with a turbo and NOS, cost me 40 bucks shipped

every radio shack in WA,OR,ID,and MT are sold out so i had to order it
ne one else seen them??
ive seen the digiQs and the microsizers and micromites, but i havent seen any zip zaps yet. how much are they?

I am thinking of getting the micromites cause they are only $21 at a store near me and they come with a full function remote. its just something for my cat to chase around. the digiQs at this one store cost $70! the mircrosizers were $30.
i have the Bit Char-G one ... same thing as the microsizers but i guess thats the name they have in japan .... got all the "performance" parts for it tires, gears, engine upgrade, stabilizers... pretty bad ass little things... i think im gunna try and make a Del Sol out of the S2000 body