Removing Tail Light Tint

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Rotary Man
Okay I need to remove the tint on my tail lights (bought it like that) and I was wondering what is the best way to do it? I've looked on the net and lots of people say use something like paint thinner or stripper but I'm afraid it will wreck the plastic. So is wet sanding the best way to go? and does anyone have any detailed instructions on how to do something like this. It doesn't look complicated but I don't want to wreck them:(. Thanks for any future help..
Try acetone. If i'm not mistaken it shouldn't hurt the plastic. At a fiberglass shop I interned at we used it all the time to take shit off our hands. If it won't hurt your skin I doubt it will hurt the plastic.
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laqueor thinner will work well after you peel off the old tint.. to remove the glue... with wet sanding you will need a buffer, and compounds to remove the scratches
those cars look so much better w/ a spoiler and the right rims.
some say heat gun and peel/scrape it off w/ goo-gone or some adhesive remover. not sure if someone tinted those or if they were manufactured that way. i'd say try things that work for removing window tint if in doubt.
Well I just went ahead and wet sanded them tonight. My friend came over to help and took us about 7 hours...that might have been to long, but it worked. The guy layed on three heavy layers of clear coat so it took awhile. I started with 1000 grit and just kept worked but was taking to long so I moved down to 800 and it worked a little bit better. If there were any scratches I did use some 1500 for a couple minutes and that helped smooth it out. I've never really done any sanding or bodywork but my little project went well^_^. I just used some Meguier's PlasticX and ColourX after and it really took the fogginess out. As far as I can see I did a pretty goood job, they shine and arent scratched...only thing left to do is the mufflers now. (I got a speeding ticket so cop nailed me for tint and my mufflers, which aren't even loud...oh well). I'll post some pics if anyone is interested.

Note: Hondasaurus I have spoiler and saving for some rims...stock doens't even look bad.
i meant your current setup looks good. i had a 2nd gen w/ stock cookie cutter wheels and no spoiler and it wasn't the best look.
Oh okay...yah I know what you mean I had a chance to pick up another one, this time an 86 and they just don't look as good
i would just try to get new lights. that stuff is hard to clean off.