Repost Of B16 Head

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I have a B16A head with crower titanium valves, crower springs, crower retainers, CTR/ITR cams, Skunk2 adjustable cam gears, polished valve cover, OBD1 Distributor...complete head and intake manifold...1000$ plus shipping for a dope head...I need to sale ASAP so I can buy my seats for my

I have paypal account if anyones interested in buying this....
TTT....I need the money asap so I can buy my seats...I sold the cams and cam gears, so head will be complete minus those items...I will sell this head for 400$ right now as long as you send me a money order next day air if you are not in WA or OR...Anyone?...I can provide references also to prove I am not a scam...Thanks alot
damn good price for that head!
bump for u
HEy get back to me about this head of anyone wants it...The cams are sold and the OBD1 Dist is sold off of it..Otherwise it is complete....I need to sell it so I can have soem spending money for my hb....I have Paypal also..and have references for anyone that is interested..Thanks
sorry...if your price was too low or anything I might not have answered..I have alot going on right now...So I might have forgotten too...I Pmd you back now
Does it have any work besides the valvetrain?Was it run with these mods,if so,for how long?
It was ran on a B16A block with oversized forged pistons and a rev limiter at 9500....and had a LSD tranny..i dont know if taht helps you but I know it has no problems going to 9500 rpm's..Thanks..