Ressurected Sol

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I bought a Dead del sol from my friend for $275





Heres the check list
To do
1. Pull out B18B1 from Civic
2. Clean Engine
3. New Clutch
4. New Flywheel
5. Turbo
A. Water line to turbo
B. Oil Lines to Turbo
6. Transfer Steering Rack
7. Transfer Rear Discs
8. Transfer Front Discs
9. Install airbags
10. Install Head unit
11. Front Speakers
12. 92-95 civic hood
13. Del sol fenders
14. Clean/ Replace headlights
15. Fit rear Bumper cover
16. Fix rear drivers side dent
17. Fill all gap, dings, and holes.
18. New Base mapped ECU.
19. New trunk lid
20. Drivers door
21. Sand
22. Sand
23. Sand
24. Primer
25. Sand
26. Paint
27. Wet sand
28. Install Engine
29. Exhaust
30. Intercooler
31. Charge Piping
32. Double check everything
33. Put interior together
34. mount and balance new 205-45-16 tires on the wheels
35. Clean everything
36. Pray
37. turn key

I started by modifying an eagle talon manifold to fit the B18.
Created a new engine side part of the manifold cut and welded the talon manifold to fit.

This saturday i am working for for the afternoon, pulling parts off of my old car. Like the engine and steering rack. I just got the salvage papaers so once i fax that they sent my check and i can start ordering parts.
Originally posted by Battle Pope@Sep 1 2005, 05:05 PM
holy shit that sol hurt my eyes. You've got a ways to go if you plan on cleaning up that ugly.
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you're sooooo lucky you got rid of your ricebucket :ph34r:


Staff member
i can't believe you passed up mine for that....

but anyway...

Bob Vila

I think you got taken on that deal. That thing is beat to crap. My time would have been worth well more than what is needed to fix that thing. You should have bought Brians car and put 1/16th of the time to get the body straight.
There is definately body damage on that thing. Neither of the fenders line up right, and the driver's door looks like it's been hit.

Part it out and it should be easy to save up for B's car.
Originally posted by reckedracing+Sep 2 2005, 11:58 AM-->
welding cast iron huh?

assuming you mig'ed it, what wire did you use?

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yeah, it was mig'ed. I don't knwo what typ of wire it was. . . maybe copper? It was like the fourth time i have welded ever.

Battle Pope
@Sep 2 2005, 12:50 PM
the fender gaps look like shit cause it's got EG headlights/corners and bumper.
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I am going to need new fenders and redo the EG conversion. the guys helping me out are perfectionists, and been doing it for a long time, so it'll look good when finished. I post updates