Rev Hard 7psi Stock


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Alright guys, my car isn't selling, so I'm planning to put on a rev hard kit. I can get the kit for 2550$ shipped, so it just seems like too good of a deal to pass up. The kit is the stage 2 with all the standard pickings:

$2599 - FREE S & H in the US, FREE AUTOMETER Boost Gauge & FREE Turbonetics Boost Controller - Expires 03/31/04

Pay With PayPal eCheck and get $50.00 Off!

Rev Hard Kits Include:
Rev Hard Cast Iron or Tubular Manifold
Rev Hard T3/T04E Turbo (eff. to 450hp)
Rev Hard Intercooler 28" x 6.5" x 3"
Turbo Smart 7psi. (TS-SEMA's Best)
Vortech Blow Off Valve
2.25" Aluminized Mandrel Bent Piping
2.5" Downpipe
Billet Map Diffuser (check valve)
High Volume Fuel Pump
Silicone Hoses & Clamps
Steel Braided -3 Oil Line
All nessasary hardware and fittings
All nessassary hose and hose clamps
Installation manual

Ball Bearing Upgrade (Only Available on Some Models): $500

Now, I've been researching in the turbo section, and this seems like it will fit my needs. I Have no plans for more boost on this motor, as I will be selling the car sometime soon, and it will be a daily driver, and as such I do want some efficiency form it. Any suggestions about this setup on the car in my sig, or good or bad things on the rev hard kit (yes I know the piping is crappy, but he manifold is apparently semi-nice) it would be appreciated. Also, any additional items that will be needed for this setup to run would be nice.

Thanks in advance,

if you're looking to sell the car, putting a turbo kit is not your answer.

you'll loose even more money off the value of it that you put in.

why isnt your car selling? are you asking too much? are you in the middle of hoewhere?