Rev Limit Lower Now!

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I'm really unsure about why this happened, but it's probably cuz my car is sorta acting wweird.

Do any of you know under qhat conditions my rev limit would change to something close to 4k?

(btw, i have a code 4, 9, and 15)


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code 4= CKP Sensor (Crankshaft Position Sensor) defective circuit or unplugged / defective sensor

code9=CYP Sensor (Cylinder) defective circuit or unplugged / defective sensor

code15= Ignition Output Signal missing or defective ignition output signal

all taken from:

if you ask me it sounds like you need a new distributor, of it you just did a swap check your wiring...


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hmm, mebbe I shoudl've been more descriptive, my bad.

I know what the codes mean, and I've checked the sensors .. and they're working (the cylinder pos sensor and the crank angle sensor).

I've also checked the wiring .. and done some other stuff .. but to no avail...

When does hte ECU alter the rev limit? What circumstances cause it change?


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This is called limp mode. It's there so you can get the car home after something fails/breaks. Are you 100% sure that the sensors are okay?


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well, i checked the resistance on teh sensors, and they were reading 370 ohms .. which is well within the specefied manuafacturer bounds.

The code 15 is a bit more interseting .. i went through the helms manual's troubleshooting procedure for the code 15 problem .. and it all checks out ..

what about the ICM in the distributor itself? Could that be causing problems?

What if I had bad spark plugs or wires? could that cause this kind of problem? hmm.


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ya, see if you have a buddy that you can swap ecu's with, maybe yours is jacked.


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Nah, my ECU isn't chipped at all .. and I'm not sure if my ECU is messed up or not.

All of a sudden 2 hings happened to my car (it all happened at once) .. 1 sensors went bad (cylinder position sensor), and a the Ignition Control System failed. I can't imagine that can all happen at once...

then another sensor died .. my cylinder position sensor. (a few hours afterwards .. after I reset the ECU, it died)

Anyhow, i've checked all teh sensors .. and they're showing the correct resistances and stuff .. hrmm

I wish I knew someone that had an ecu to swap .. u think it's an ECU problem more than a distributor problem?


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I am thinking more of a distro problem. The symptoms that you are describing are exactly the same that my brother had when the distro on his D16 went out. I wish I could remember what he replaced. I left my cell at home so I can't get a hold of him now, but i will call him and see if he remembers this evening.


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hey, i think it is ur distributor because the same thing happened on my civic, the rev limit was at like 3,500 rpms and every once in a while the car wouldnt run right at all then sometimes it would run normal. i got a new distributor and it was all fine and dandy. power came back and i was happy..


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Well, the rev limit is still ghetto. I'm just now replacing the distributor cap and rotor .. I doubt that'll fix anything, but who knows. I noticed that there was some carbon residue all over the inside of the distributor cap (whcih I didn't notice .. until I had bought a new cap and rotor) .. and hopefully a new distributor cap will fix the problem.

BTW, if anyone has info on how the spark plug wires should connect to the distributor cap, please do tell me.

I was 100% sure I connected the wires to the distributor correctly (since I took them off one by one and transfered them from one distributor to another), but there is one weird wire that crosses over the other .. and now it looks awkward, and I'd prefer not to break my engine by starting my car with the spark plugs in a random order. Gratzi again =)

(i'll post an update in a few .. lsvtec, civic_88ls, do you have any more info on what you did to fix the problem? I'd prefer not to have to replace the entire distributor ..)


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Well, I figured out the wiring .. its 1-3-4-2 (starting with 1 at the "C" on the distributor, and then moving clockwise)...

Yet, my car is still rev limited, and still there is the problem of my rough idle to the point of stalling (and yes, it's stalled a couple times).

Anyhow, I started my car, with the ECU reset and everything, to see if the distributor cap and rotor might have helped something (which I seriously doubted it would, but wateva, I needed to replace that anyway). The car started and was idling very roughly, and then the check engine light clicked on, and the idle smoothed out.

Then I decided I wanted to see when my car stalls .. so I turned the music all the way off, and turned all air conditiong stuff off. I turned the blower to "1" so that I could continue to hear my engine and stuff ..

Anyhow, I depressed the gas pedal very lightly .. just to push the rpms up for a quick moment, and I let off .. the car would drop down to some idling rpm level, but it'd really struggle. It'd drop really low, to the point of stalling, and just barely recover.

Then I played with my AC a little bit .. so I turned it on and off (of course with the little fan at "1" so it actually turned on), and when I turned it on and off, the car really really struggled. It almost died many times.

I was able to stall the car several times if I just depressed the pedal and let it off (quickly).

BTW, I checked my check engine light, and I still get a code 4, 9, and 15.

Oh well, I've replaced lots of thigns (pcv hose, pcv valve, distributor cap, distributor rotor, oil, oil filter, and a little honda symbol on the front of my car's hood .. lol)

Anyway, that's the update. (thanks for all your help btw :worthy: )