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hey guys i just bought a 89 hatch si for 500 bucks at an auction andit hauls ass.dont get mad i still love my accord. anyways i was kinda testing out its limits and trying to find out the top speed for each gear and i dont hit the rev limiter. it has a d16a6 engine and the redline on the tach is around 6500. todya i pushed that sucker to about 7500 and the limiter did not kick in. now im wondering if the prior owner chipped the car(it was already lowered and had a custom exhaust ), or is the revlimiter suppose to kick in at a higher rpm. i just dont want to push it more it can handle it. thanks for any help. what should the stock rev limiter kick it at ??
my buddy got one a while back, and his did same thing, but he had zc sohc non-vtec, yeah real old, but still beats many sohc cars. umm his didn't kick in till about 7700 and when we took off the cover we found out it was chipped, and I believe the rev on original d16a6, which me bro has, is like only 7000, but that's fine because you lose power around that anyways.
I don't know the difference really at all but the owner of the car knew exactly how it was chipped and where it bounced at, sorry no help to you.

that is an obd1, but there would be a chip in the spot that says EXTERNAL ROM in the bottom left.
here they go hopefully they load right....ecu1
now one thing i noticed was that the outside of the ecu has a date of 91/02/09 and my hatch is an 89! maybe these pics will help. thanks
does anyone know what the stock redline is on a pm6 from a 91 ecu?? any one????
try and get better pics, try using a flash, they are just too dark
dam cheap camera, ill just borrow my friends his is better......, but someone has to at least know the stock rev limit on a 89 si hatch!! come on this is honda swap yO!