Rex W/ B16a Needs Help

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sorry this is long but i wanted to be specific. here goes. this guy has a 91 rex si w/ a b16a swap that he did himself. the body and interior are in good shape but the motor has a few problems. the car ran fine up until about a week ago except for a vibration that started at about 40 mph. we think the vibration is due to a improperly mounted rear motor mount, but aren't sure. in an effort to stop the vibration he replaced the axles with new as well as new wheel bearings. this didn't work that is how we came to the motor mount conclusion because supposedly the rear mount of the $350 motor mount kit wouldn't work so he got an integra mount instead...? the other problem is the that the water pump went bad and the engine got hot and went dead. we pulled the plugs to check for water and saw no signs and replaced them with new ones anyway. i also checked for the usual sign of a blown head gasket and saw no "milky" substance on the oil stick, so i don't think the engine was damaged, but i am not sure? we then proceeded to pull the plugs again and check for fire. i couldn't tell whether they were getting fire or not. i am pretty sure it is getting fuel to the combustion chamber though because when we had the plugs out and he turned the engine over i could smell gas coming from the plug wholes. i guess my questions are: what could be other causes of the vibration besides the mount?, why do you think it is not starting?(like there couldn't be a million answers to that question, but just give me your best suggestion-distributor, etc..), and do you think the car is worth buying? to help you with the last ques here is a rundown of the car: 91 rex si, red, good paint, good int, cdplayer, no apparent leakage around hatch or sunroof, and a b16a motor swap which includes all the necc.: engine, tranny, ecu, harness, new axles, mount kit, new radiator, and what ever else it took to get the thing wedged into it. the engine is installed, but the guy didn't do a very good job. pulling the engine and re-installing it is an option, but do you think it is necc. also a side note, the alt. pulley hits the frame when he turns the steering wheel a ceartain way. obviously not a good swap job. do you think it is worth the time and the $1300 for the car? to buy or not to buy?
When you buy a car with a swap already done you inherit it problems.At least you kmow what they are.For $1300 it sounds ok even if you have to rebuild the motor your still getting a good platform.But if you do get it I would advise totally reworking the whole thing from scratch.p[ull the motor get it in shape,fix up the bay and get everything right to put it back in.
when you say from scratch, do you mean pulling the whole engine apart? i mean pull the head, pull the oil pan, etc. to check for problems? my friend suggusted this, but i was hoping i might be able to get out easier than that, but it's lookin like i have got some work ahead of me.
sell me the car.. i'v been looking for a crx for cheap for a long time.. ;)
hey just to let everyone know i did buy the car and got it for about half the first price he quoted me. i got the car home(on a trailer being pulled by a 2000 ford lightning....kinda weird huh), pulled the valve cover and the timing belt was broke. i guess when the water pump went out it broke the timing belt and that is why it wont start. now i am on a quest to find out how to get parts for the j-spec b16. if you have suggestions look for my post that says j-spec b16 in 91 crx, how do i get parts? thanks to all those who helped out with my ques.
delsol b16's have the same parts i.e. valves pistons and crap lie that, i'm not sure about sensors though, good luck man
if the timing belt got screwed up, you could have bent shit inside the engine. When you pulled the valve cover off, did you see any bent valves or anything? So you bought this thing for about 700? If the body is good, that is a good price for a crx with no engine. Since the timing belt broke, your probally going to have to fix up the head. This would be a good time to add some new cams/springs/retainers.
i did check and didn't see any bent valves. i did find parts though. thanks to the guys @ landspeed racing for the tip. they told me to try parts from a 90-93 integra (b18) and sure enough they worked. i got a water pump, distrib cap, and rotor button for a 90 tegra and they were exact matches. i got a timing belt for a 94 delsol vtec. it took me a while to find the parts, but i finally did. thanks to all those that help. i got all the parts on and turned the key and it started with no hesitation at all :lol: it runs great, no odd noises, no knocks or anything, dude i am so happy. even the valves sound good. now i have to figure out what the guy screwed up on the motor mounts. i don't think the axles are sitting right because it has a very slight popping noise when the wheel is turned and he sayed it had a vibration at about 40 mph. i will keep everyone updated so that if you have the same problem maybe i can help.
If it makes sounds,like a clicking when you turn it is most likely your CV joints.
yea, after some research on i found out that the y1 tranny that i have requires 86-89 integra axles not 90-93 which the guy that did the swap put in. also he didn't remove the dust seals/spacers in the hubs so that is part of my problem. it looks like i have the stock sir inner cv joints which the guys at hasport say are stronger that the integra ones. they say that those cv joints with the 86-89 integra axles will make true sir axles. hopefully this will fix my vibration/clicking noise. we'll see. hats off to the guys at hasport for having an awesome website. :worthy:
just an update i got the 86-89 teg axles in last night and drove it this morning and everything seems fine. all the gears seem to shift fine and everything. there is still a very very small vibration when i turn right though. there are no sounds or anything just a slight bumpy feeling. any ideas? thanks to all those who have helped me with my probs. oh yea one other thing the speedomoter is not hooked up. any one know how to do that on a Y1 tranny w/ LSD. the LSD probaly has nothing to do with it but i just think it is cool that i found out i have it :D
go and have your car aligned and even more importantly, have your tires balanced. That will probally get your vibration out of there. Good luck
Originally posted by asmallsol@Feb 8 2003, 10:38 PM
go and have your car aligned and even more importantly, have your tires balanced. That will probally get your vibration out of there. Good luck

Alignment and balance,very important.
hey, what's up. I read your posted article, and the same problem is happeneing to my crx right now. you know the vibrating thing. I mean it vibrates only when i push it a littl etoo hard, say like half past throttle for all gears, and I am also missing ht rear mount for my crx 16a engine that has integra mounts as well. The question is, was it the mounting that caused the vibration of the car? Please respond back to me, if you solved this problem, or anyone else has had this problem please give me some advice, thanks.

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