RHD Conversion Questions ?????

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okay check it I crashed my car valentines day and insurance is tying to total it. I want to keep it cuz its my baby and an em1. so im thinkin if they total it and I get it back then ill just have a real si with right hand drive conversion. but I’ve been looking for an front clip but cant find one. so was wondering if anybody new where I could find one???(I LIVE IN SOCAL) and how much it would run or if I could do it my self/ or is there specific things I wouldn't be able to do/would be really hard to do ??? any suggestions would be koo........



i highly suggest you let them total it, take the cash, buy it back for like 400 bucks, pull the motor, etc and buy a new sheel.

rhd is retarded. have fun at the atm, the drive through, the toll booth, etc etc


i just got the results back 2000 civic si TOTALED :'( fuck my life. found a clip for 800 guess what im gonna do :)


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I say if you want to do a RHD, then do it, but keep in mind that is going to hard to get some parts and harder to sell later down the road.