RI: 92 Integra LS FS, Parts or Fix...GSR Rims w/ n

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TTT...this a great deal, as I said it is coming with the rims with new tires which are a $400 item alone, so you get the car for next to nothing for an excellent parts car or a fixer-upper...needs to be towed out ASAP...send me some emails!!!
Cars needs to be gone yesterday! Youre basically buying the rims and getting a parts car/fixer-upper for $400 extra!!! Thats OBO....I know someone is interested!
Alright, car NEEDS to be gone by this weekend or very soon thereafter...anyone who is interested and can have it towed and gone by then let me know we can work out a VERY, VERY low price if you just take this car out of my friends yard!!! email me and lets get talking!