Rice Photos

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The Chicago suburbs are boring.

You never see any cool cars. The few that get your hopes up when you first glance at them always let you down. Most are straight out of a flooded field.

With my love of 3rd Gen. Civics, I was absolutely ecstatic when I found a nicely done black 86 Civic Hatchback not 10 minutes away from me. Unfortunately it wasn't there when I returned with my camera this afternoon, but on the way back home we managed to find a few cars to use the camera on and make fun of. I also learned that the viewfinder on my cheap digital camera is way off all of a sudden, as you'll soon see.

An Eclipse. What you can't quite see in this photo is that due to the way they mounted the muffler, the back end of it is less than 1/2inch from the ground, and covered in scrape marks.

This is the one I wanted to show though. This is a Chevy Cavalier.

The back side. Look close and you can see the brakes. Those are the OEM drum brakes in the back spraypainted orange. The same paint is on the stock calipers on the front.

It's even an automatic

I hope to be able to get some pictures of the 3rd gen. Civic soon, but in the mean time I'll be hunting for more ricey cars to take photos of. :)
I saw a similar exhaust on another eclipse the other day, only missing the ground by a few inches in some places.
yeah that eclipse isn't bad at all man..sure exhaust is mounted crooked but really come on. That isn't bad at all and everyone here knows it. What is rice anyways? these cars are that bad that you posted, beginner stuff like for show and what not. go to www.beaterz.com and see that rice they have on there...true rice.
OMG. wow. you got some dope cars where you live! Automatic? Bad Ass. If I sent you some ALLJDM.com sticks do you think you can pass some out?