Rim color?


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I like the graphite one. I have gunmetal/polished lip rims on my white hatch and love them.


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Originally posted by sk8er602@Jul 3 2005, 08:23 PM
i think the graphite will look better, but its your car a pic of the car might change my mind.
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I like the graphite ones...
They look nice... Those are played out here in Buffalo..Everyone that i know and has a civic has them....But still look nice... :thumbsup:


Graphite on a hatch.

Opal on a sedan.

Is it harvard blue?? Thats a difficult color to match with anything.


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for a blue car i would go with the opal, well, shit i dunno. i would get the graphite ones myself, but i dont know which would look better on a blue car. i vote for a pic aswell