Ring Sizes For Zc

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I am going to attempt to rebuild my first motor. I have found piston rings for my ZC, and they are avaiable in STD, .020, and .040. What are the differences? :blink:
They are for different cylinder bore diameters std is stock, 20 over or .020 is twenty thousands of a inch over stock .040 or 40 over is forty thousands of a inch over.
Ok, so if I go say, .020 over, I get the block bored, then can I use the stock pistons, and then just use the rings of the .020 over type right?

What exactly does this do for performance wise?

Thanks for the help, I am learning as I go.
Yes you do need new pistons when you bore out the block as SixtySecondAssassin said. the oversize rings are for these oversize pistons and the standard size fit your stock pistons. Increasing the cylinder bore gives you an increase in both hp and tq due to the increase in displacement of the engine.
If thats the case, where in the heck are those bigger pistons at? I can't locate them anywhere, for ZC or 88-89 Integra. They make the rings, then they must make the pistons.
They do make the pistons. Whoever is selling you the rings should have the pistons available too.