Rings or valves


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I have an 88 crx si-y8 minime with a head of very low milage. 30 to 40 g. My cr's are 11 to 11.5. It smokes on deceleration on high rpms and on takeoff. Before the swap, it smoked, but not like this.The block has 170,000. Any advice welcome. ;)
I posted a similar thread before, but i have new info after doing the c.r. check.


ok, lets think this out shall we??????

low mileage valves vs 170K mile rings?

which one do you think it is?
and the motor smoked before the head swap... and you're suprised it still smokes?

and of course its gonna smoke more with a CR over 11:1


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did you inspect the head before you put it on the motor? not that that matters, because chacnes are, if the motor swapped before you put on the head, the head probably isn't the root of the problem- do a leakdown test and then you'll be able to figure out wtf the problem is, particularly if the compression accross the cylinders is relatively even, although 11.1:1 seems a little high for a mini-me swap


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I'll do the leakdown and figure it out. I was just curious to see if anyone was having a similar problem.