Ripped Crx Needs Sum Lovin....

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prolly a dumb question from a newbie, but....I have a 90 crx si, Stock 1.6L 16 vavle. I just totally stripped the engine apart, and took the Head off. Underneath, the valves are pitch black. I'm thinking thats from too much fuel or whatever i dont know. But my pops keeps on telling me too just take it (the head) to a machine shop, acid dip it, shine everything up, and shave it. is that what i should do? i mean, isnt there a swap that can give me some better horses or something. I only have like $300, so a head swap needs to be cheap. and would it be really worth it? i dont know, i wanna do something atleast worth while, while i'm trying to save up for a better engine. someone give me some advice on this damn problem. thanx, and sorry if this subject was already posted like a million times. Peace

P.s. i'm replacing the clutch right now too, will lightening up the flywheel give me some advantages. Thanx :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:
If you have three hundred bucks,I'd take dads advice,take it in get it cleaned up,new gaskets,head bolts and put it back together.You'll notice a big difference.
i vote on getting a ZC, its duel cams, and alot better start. it should only run u 3-400, so no worries there, and will b alot better in the long run. both of them are really good ways to get a small cheap engine quick, but my advice is to get the ZC, shaving a honda head isnt to great b/c IMO they are already made exceptionally well, ull get some increase in power but not alot.
sell your A6 head for 100-150 bucks and buy a Y8 or Z6 head for 200 bucks or less(complete with intake manifold,throttle body, fuel rail) on ebay or where ever. Now you have 200-250 bucks to spend on the head swap. Heres what you'll need:
1.Z6 timing belt(40bucks)
2.Head bolts and Z6 head gasket
3.MSD RPM activated switch/RPM controller (75bucks)
4.Get the head checked and decked(100bucks)

You'll have to swap over injectors from your old fuel rail to the new one. Also remove the oil jet(brass piece) from the A6 block. This is what people call a mini-me head swap.
How would i sell the stock head. who would want to buy that, would i just sell that one ebay or what. plus wouldnt i have to get new axles and stuff if i put i different head on??? and also swapping the engine to a zc wouldnt i have to swap axles and shit? which one would b best. damn theres so many choices........ please reply away
sell it on ebay, trust me someone will buy it, i see them on there all the time. The cylinder head has nothing to do with the drivetrain, it just involves taking off your head and putting on the sohc vtec head, that simple. A ZC is going to cost you more than 300 dollars done right.
ok i'm finding some cheap z6 heads to swap on, but arent i going to need additional shit for the vtech? like extra wiring and stuff? sohc em made it sound pretty damn easy, but i read a post on here and it sounded complicated as all hell, i'm not a mechanic, nor can i afford one, is the anyone who could give me or tell me where to find step by step instructions. ;) :worthy: :worthy:
Originally posted by creepinRex@Jan 27 2003, 12:31 AM
but arent i going to need additional shit for the vtech? like extra wiring and stuff?

yeah you will definatly need to do a lot of wiring...
a few miles of CAT3 wire (depending on how far you plan to travel from home)
you will need an RJ11 connector at either end of the cable... i would also suggest some type of self rolling spool to keep the wire from getting tangled on itself

they have a new 2.6GHZ one out that should be pretty sick... supposed to have virtually no interfeirance and pretty good range... havent seen too much info on it yet though
cat3 is too technical y0...

run some rg-45 and som bcn's up in that hizzy and sport the 400 mHz vtech
SOHCEM didn't go into wiring vtec <---contains no H.So you can add a ecu to the cost,I wouldn't imagine they cost a whole lot $50-$200.Wiring it is simply running wires from the soleniod to the ecu.I still think your best bet is dealing with what you got,if as you said your not a mechanic and can't afford one or if the down time doesn't bother you,buy a manual and take your time.Who was going to take your motor apart to begin with?
you can use your PM6 ecu you don't need an extra ecu although the 90-91 Integra LS ecu would be better you don't need it. You don't wire into the ecu you just have to run the switched power wire from the Summit RPM switch to the vtec solenoid, this will switch 12v to the solenoid at a designated RPM. But if you think this is a big job maybe you shouldn't do it. Heres another option send the head off to get checked and decked but not much decked or you can just use a thinner head gasket and get an after market D16A6 cam, if you can't do this than i can't help you. Heres a step by step page for the mini me if you are still interested:

good luck
Holy shit that sounds difficult. is there that much of a difference between a resurfaced, shined, and lined valves on a stock head compared to a all that stuff that has to be done to get some vtec? dont get me wrong, i'm not like lazy or anything, it just sounds like a hell of alot for someone whos just learning. thanks for the help people. and by the way no one ever replyed about: if lightening the flywheel will have advantages or not? go from like 16lbs or whatever to like 8-9? i dont want the f*cker to shatter either... plus, can a 4-2-1 header on a stock motor increase anything? sorry bout so many questions, you guys are my only source. I appreciate any help, cuz i'm gonna keep askin.... :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: thanks