Riveting fiberglass advice needed


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I have been sitting on a real Chargespeed EF9 wing for sometime and am finally going to install it. I have decided that I'm going to rivet it to the ED6 wing. I have already made a custom long LED set up on the stock wing. I don't know why people think it wont fit on an ED6 wing as it does just fine with the plastic bump down for the thicker usdm brake lamp cut out. Anyway, With the stock metal wing as a backing will I have a problem using just rivets to hold it or should I be afraid of cracking with out washers? What size rivets should I use?


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Use plastic (nylon) washers where you need them. They'll have enough give so you don't crack anything.

Why not just use bolts or self tapping screws and then hide them afterwards with a little body work?


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^ What he said. Nylon washers with whatever fasteners you choose to use. Also, the double sided tape is a good idea. That or silicon RTV between the pieces with a little scuff preparation. That will relieve much of the stress.