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okay... i have been trying to find out which would fit and be better for my lsvtec set up, gsr rods or ls rods, i have heard different things. but i dont know which one to use. i have both. i am using ctr pistons and dont have enough money to buy forged rods. i have looked in almost all forums. could some one with true know how and experience help me out. please and thanx [email protected]


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I don't think that you can use gsr rods with your ls crank. And you may have to get the ls rods machined so that the ctr pistons will work.


if you are using an ls crank, you MUST use ls rods(or rods of the same length). If you are using a GSR crank, then you MUST use GSR rods(or rods of the same length). simple as that.