Rota Rims/ Steel Gray Regamaster Copies

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People I am attempting to sell these rims for a friend of mine. I will try to answer any questions you may have, email or PM me. I also have pics, I will post them in a little bit.

"I'm selling 16" steel gray slipstreams. Tires are 205/50/16 and have less
than 1000 miles on them. It has an "evo" decal on them so it looks just like
the real jdm regamasters. I'm asking $650 or willing to trade for 17"/18"
racing harts plus I will give cash. Thanks." (modified 03-25-03)

Here is the pic:



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What he means is, he will give you the rims plus cash for the Racing Harts. Is it more clear now?


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Originally posted by brc80@Mar 24 2003, 04:46 PM
Sorry for that then, Just sometimes their are some stupid people on here.

no harm no foul, i'm one of those people. :D