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hi people. i just got a 94 civic hb si. im working on my wheels and suspension right now. which wheels should i purchase? rota circuit 8's(bronze) or rota slipstreams (black)? :blink:
Jason at ALLJDM will give you the best price, he will nomally throw shipping in and sometimes will throw other stuff in like lugs or somthing like that.
I am either going with the C8 or the group N. I am not sure what color i want to get yet, i want to find a shop that sells rotas near me so i can see the diffrent colors in person before i order from jason, i dont want to order bronze and when they show up, be a bright bling bling gold or get gun metal and have it looking black (i want something that is darker than silver but not black.)
steel grey dude.. and were you driving on elizabeth lake road in white lake on saturday?? turning right onto lochaven???
No was not me, i dont normally drive up that way, I have been in been sticking around livoina lately, i have gone almost 3 weeks without filling my car up and i still have a little under a half a tank left.