Rota's,new NX wet kit, car audio,lots of misc....

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I have 2 brand new sony 10inch 1,200watt explodes the octagon shaped 1's. These subs are brand new paid 90 each still have boxes and full warranty. They've never been played only loaded into a custom box that is .75cu ft per side. This is a really light and powerful setup.The box cost me 90 bucks to have built.

Also have a lanzar opti 400 also brand new. This amp was played on a demo board for 2weeks mint condition. If you put the amp and subs in a honda or acura hatch and it will make your ears bleed literally. This is a really good amp and cost 200+.

I would trade the box and amp local for a set of ITR'S or CTR's.

I will sell the box and amp for 350 very firm and a steal..

I have a brand new never opened nx stage 1 efi wet kit taking offers never opened and I think i'm not gonna use it.

4 13 Inch steelies with mint tires 50 bucks.

DC Sports 4-2-1 with 2 o2 bungs it has a small dent on 1 bottom tube that will be cut out and replaced and then sold for 120 next week.

I have a small mtx amp fs 40 bucks shipped great for 1 sub.

my email is

I will sell the box and amp for 350 c'mon somebody steal it I want some more gofast parts.

Somebody make some offers on the nx kit it has never been opened and i'm becoming a bitch about installing it on my daily driver.

things I need

I need a 4-1 2.5 inch header,type r or CTR exhaust cam or even the set,maybe a gsr exhaust cam if its cheap,5inch tach,stockgen1 b16 TB again cheap or type r TB,b-series aftermarket fuel rail.


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Somebody else ask me the same thing. It looks like the standard sized big 1 you see in showcars. On the bottle it says 14.5lbs empty and 24.5 filled I can get any other info you need off it.

Its the complete stage 1 efi NX wet kit the only thing thats been held is the bottle all the silinoids,wiring,hoses etc have never been opened. It comes with 35-50-75 shot jets and all instructions. tHE BOTTLE IS WHITE. It retails for like 550 online.


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<_< I didnt see a damn thing about the "Rota's", and thats the only reason I even looked at this post. So whats up?!?! You got some Rota's for sale or was that hype?


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Damn, my fault everyone..

I have a set of brand spanking new Rota Subzero's 16x7 they are royal black with a polished lip. The weighed exactly 14.4lbs on my scales before mounting. I also have 4 brand new hankook venturi 405's they are 205-45-16's.

These were mounted put on the car and have been driven 5-6 miles if that. I love the wheels but want a 40 series tire..

Will sell all 4 brand new hankook 205-45-16's for 300 and 775 with the Rota's

I won't just sell the Rota's but will trade for other rims and cash in a perfect world someone buys my tires.


do you know there website and I could check it out there.


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Click on the picture and scroll the different options the bottle size changes the price drastically. That 402 dollers is with a little 5lbs bottle and no shipping. That is the same kit but mine has a bigger bottle.

I PM'ed you back my info if you wanna do it let me know..


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What is a escrow deal??

Just send me a postal Money order


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lol.....yeah and can he have your SS# and your mothers maidem name....ohhh and you address.....maybe your wife for a couple hours.....sound good???


he said no to escrow so I will have to pass on that deal thanks anyway. Someone else will buy my crx halo projection headlights {new}anyway.