Rough In Mid Rpm

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Senior Member
Anybody have any ideas why when im in any gear just crusing around at about 3-4 thousand rpm, my car runs rough, it almost has the same kinda felling as when you have fouled plugs any help thanks.
could need valve train adjustment. thats right around when vtec kicks in, and if its kicking in on bad valve timing then it won't work right. try un plugging your vtec solenoid behind the cylinder head just to trouble shoot. if it still does it, then it's probobly something else. if it stops, then get a valve train adjustment done. just a suggestion. not saying i'm right, just an educated guess.
You'd have to give more info, but I'd guess ignition system. Does it only do it at this RPM, hot/cold, is there any oil in your distributor from a leaking base seal....?
what car, what motor, what ecu, what mods, what cam gear setting?

if youve done a lot of mods, id say your a/f is off and needs to be tuned.
if you are basically stock, it gets harder. answer the above so we can help more
I would suggest doing an ignition tuneup (plugs, wires, rotor, cap). It's cheap and can't hurt the car any. If it still happenes after that, well then come back and ask again!