rounded brake line fitting

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I was down to the last line to replace on my brake swap and I rounded off the hardline fitting on the passenger side front
anyone know of a good way to handle this situation
I have never had to put new fittings on a brake line and flare pipe or anything like that and would rather not
I was thinking of checking the junk yards for other civics that I could salvage a line off of

does Honda sell pre-bent lines with fitting on them allready? that might be another route

it isn't totally stripped, the edges are just a bit rounded... I have no idea how it happened because I know I was using the correct size flare nut wrench

thanks guys
Yeah man, vice grips. I actually used vice grips instead of a flare nut, and it worked wonders. Just make sure to spray the hell out of it with WD-40 and clamp it really tight. They'll come right off. :)
Originally posted by wanderinman@May 31 2005, 04:47 PM
Channel locks, they are designed to grip harder when you start to turn, the harder you turn, the harder they grip, check it out
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I feel like I know what channel locks are but for some reason I can't put the tool with the name... is that like a pipe wrench?

I'm going to try the vice grip route tonight and see what happens, if I completely F it up I'll be at the junk yard tomorrow for sure

also, I called my local honda dealer... $120 for that hardline, but they don't even have one (I wouldn't pay that anyway)
I can order it for $35 from but I don't want to wait for shipping

thanks guys
Channel locks

well no luck using the vise grips, I didn't try the channel locks (that is what I thought they were at first but then doubted myself)
I've pretty much rounded the hell out of the fitting and wouldn't trust it going back on so I think I'm going to order the line from

I was going to try the junk yard for the line but I won't be able to work on it this weekend anyway because of a camping trip and who knows if they yard will even have a line that is in decent shape

anyway, thanks for the tips guys
Dude, if vice grips won't take it off there's a serious problem. Try making them as tight as you possibly can, then turning the adjuster a little tighter.
Originally posted by civicious@Jun 1 2005, 01:51 AM
Dude, if vice grips won't take it off there's a serious problem. Try making them as tight as you possibly can, then turning the adjuster a little tighter.
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trust me, I know how to make vice grips tight/overtight
I honestly don't know how this fitting could be stuck in there that bad

new line is on order, should be here monday I hope right after I get home from camping this weekend
if its that bad on your car then its prob the same in the junkyard...

flare-ing tool is pretty cheap and so are straight hard lines...

as long as you get the correct metric fittings its really easy to do...

use penatrating oil, soak it, wait, soak it, wait, soak it...
best choice I ever made was to buy the prebent hardline from took a week to get hear but took less than and hour to get the old one out and put the new one in and I didn't have to F around with a pipe bender or flaring tool
when i did my MC/prop. valve swap I think I rounded off every single flare nut, even with the flare nut wrench. i ended up using vice grips, then hammering the vice grips. It was probably the most frustrating thing i've ever done on a car.


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i'm doing this now... i'm about 50% into my 11" wilwood conversion... the two on the master were no problem, but the ones on my ppv are all stuck.. i gave up and did other things. lol i'm still contemplating leaving the 3040 in there instead of replacing it with the 4040.... in fact, new thread time.