RS*R Ex-Mag Exhaust


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Has anyone ever seen a RS*R Ex-Mag Exhaust on a 97 prelude?? Is this exhaust worth it? Any good?

Anyone has a pictures of this exhaust on a 97 prelude? Because the stock prelude exhaust comes out with two pipes, i wanna know if this rs*r exhaust comes out, one pipe or two?

Well, thanks for any inputs.


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RS*R is a great exhaust if your looking for that non sterotypical "riceboy" sound. They look very close to stock (not sure if it is one or two but I am guessing it's one) and are almost just as quiet. RS*R is known for their quality. The overall performance is good considering how quiet it is. If your trying to get 230whp NA out of an H22 or b18c, this exhaust is not for you, but for those with mild setups (sub 190 whp) this exhaust will not cause an extremly bottle neck.

Both me and Esolsi LOVE rs*r and will be the first ones to buy them when they finally come out with a del sol Catback.


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werd- I actually have the other RSR exhaust for my civic- and although i haven't heard it yet, the quality of the material and welds on the unit are def. first class-


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thanks alot for the info!
I'm really looking for the "sleeper" look, and i don't want a huge loud exhaust. And i think that the stock prelude exhaust is not enough on the performance side. I would like to achieve 250Whp with my prelude, anyways if the exhaust doesn't work well with that kinda of power, i'll just change it.

thank again!
i have the tanabe hyper medallion. Even though it is street legal, its dam loud at VTEC. It is almost ricey, i should have gone with the Rsr. Good luck