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Hello everyone. I picked up a RSX Type S last week and I read somewhere that I can use teh S2000 cams, is that ture? And if it is what will i gain form it?
not 100% sure but i would say no. The RSX uses the K series engine, the s2000 has the f20. In hondas, parts from diffrent series engines normally are not interchangeable.

I am with the guy above and say to either get the JDM Type R cams or see if any aftermarket companys make them yet
The S2000 head is supposed to be interchangeable with the K block- I've heard this from a good number of reliable sources, but I've never seen it done so I can't say so with 100% confidence. The cams probably work- but like everyone posting above- try to get the JDM ITR cams and drop them in. Those will definitely work.