Rsx Mini Me?

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I searched and didn't see this yet so figured I'd ask. A good friend of mine has a 2002 RSX, he was wondering if he could use a RSX-S or even ITR head on his base RSX. I told him I think the cams are interchangeable, but I have no clue if the heads line up or not. Thanks.
He can stick the type S head on his motor, but not an ITR head.

Itr is b-series.

rsx and 02 & up Si's are all K-series.
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Feb 10 2003, 11:40 PM
unless its the 2002 JDM Integra Type R (RSX)

Exactly what I was about to say. :lol:

Getting just the head off of an ITR or RSX-S is going to be difficult since the cars are still fairly new- it might cost you the same to buy the entire RSX-S engine and throw it in the car.
Would there even be any benefits of making a mini me? Or would a 02 Type R motor just run better? He's got a shyt load of money, so I think I'll just tell him to try a mini me, see what kind of numbers it puts up then get a 02 ITR motor.
just remeber that honda knows what they are doing, we only think that we know what we are doing. All of the different frankestien motors have inherent down falls, thay must be overcome to make the motor as good as a factory vtec motor. many people argue that they are never as good as a factory vtec motor. none the less, the head swap could be pretty cool but probably not as cool as the whole motor. frankenstiens were good with b series motors because the non vtec b series motors
(Ls/b-20) were stroked longer than b series v tec motors. this was good because it would yield a bunch of torque. all of the k 20's( if i'm not mistaken) have the same bore and stroke. therefore what would be the advantage to swaping just a k series head when you could do a whole different k series motor that was engineered from the ground up to work with that head. the only advantagecould potentialy be price. but

A. your friend is apparently wealthy
B. like someone else said the head would probably cost as much as the whole motor.

now, a k24 with an 02 type r head or an s2k head would rule.
Point very well take, he has since installed a Type R motor. It worked out all right I guess. But you can't franky a F20to a K20, different motors. But you did bring up a good idea, K24 (forgot about those) with a K20 (ITR) head. Hmmm.