RSX-s Battery / Charging issues. 16+ volts!?


So, My 2002 RSX type S wouldn't start yesterday (low battery, clicking, no start) between errands. I turned off the radio, AC, etc and it finally started, albeit very slowly.

I didn't think much of it, it was 105 degrees outside and I'd been running the piss out of the electronics in the car. The battery is 4+ years old, so I made a mental note and went about my business.

This morning it pulled the same shit. (not enough juice to start) Now, I tested the battery and it had 12.6 volts which should be plenty. Put it on a charger for a few minutes and the car started right up.

Figured I'd test the voltage after the start and I'm pulling 16.5 volts with the engine running!

Now, here is the big question.. I probably need a new battery anyway, being that it is so old.. But what about the Voltage regulator (read: entire alternator in an rsx).

I turned the car off and the battery had 15 volts and slowly dropped off to low 14s.

It also started again with no problem..

Would a bad battery make the charging system do weird shit or is my voltage regulator shot and hence killed my already old battery?

Or am I missing something all together?


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more than likely its just the battery, best thing to do is just go by autozone or a place like that and have them check the battery and alternator.


Had it tested.. The place showed the battery at 10.2 volts, and showed a dead cell.. Mine was still showing it to be 14+ out of the car..

So maybe my multimeter is bad! Put in a new battery and will get a new meter and re-check.. For the moment the car is alive and starting right up.


see if you can have a system check for the entire charging, battery and starting system... it checks how many amps you pull at start, shows amperage and voltage loaded and unloaded....